Digital Banking Saudi 2030 - Summit & Awards

Ever since the break out of the Covid 19, there has been a drastic shift of how banks operate. Digital Transformation has been inevitable as more and more customers across the globe are operating their accounts from the comfort of their homes. The customers started to understand the convenience that the associated technologies had brought to the table and would like to implement the same in the days to come.

Banks across the globe have realized this trend and as a result, have been proactively investing in the new age technologies across all functions of banking. As a result, new technologies sought their way into the market, for a better understanding of consumer behavior and catering to those irrespective of the customer size. Banks have realized that digital transformation is no longer a luxury but a basic necessity, pushing the boundaries of innovation to stay competitive.

The Digital Banking Saudi 2030 - Summit & Awards is a humble gesture by Scribe Minds & Media in recognizing the efforts undertaken by the financial institutions for the betterment of the sector. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and other allied technologies are no longer restricted to fintech entities but are being implemented to functional areas of Banking.

It has indeed been an honor to work with an internationally acclaimed panel of judges. We would like to thank them for their untiring spirit and diligence for the betterment of this industry.

Awards categories

  • Best personal finance platform
  • Innovation in Consumer payments
  • Innovations in Banking Digitization
  • Leader in Analytics Platform
  • Excellence in Financial research and Data
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention Award
  • Best Banking Infrastructure software
  • Insuretech Startup Award
  • Fintech Leader of the Year
  • Excellence in CX for BFSI
  • Best Consumer Banking Mobile Application
  • B2B Payment innovator of the Year
  • Award for excellence in Digital Adoption
  • Award for innovation in core banking
  • Award for sustainability in banking

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